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Your hotnsey is like a beacon

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KJære meg...117 kopper..Det finnes vell ikke mange som kan slå den ;) Jeg likte spesielt koppene dine fra Marco Friis og Lotte :) Siw

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Yes, keeping bees is really nice – but if you want honey cheap, buy it from China. I got allergic to the Sting of Death and had to give up. Lost a lot of money, never regretted it. But money-wise? It’s an open secret that beekeepers are so intelligent/savvy they could make a lot more in other professions.

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Por suerte, a veces podemos aprender a relajarnos… y no resistir… y lo que viene, aunque sea todo aquello contra lo que nuestros padres y nuestros pares nos previnieron… es tan lindo!!!

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I almost always take the #129 to and from the airport. It runs from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. In general, the bus system in KC is pretty good. Sure, in some places transit is better, but waiting 20 minutes for a bus or train always seems longer when you’re waiting by yourself, and even in the biggest cities it doesn’t drop you off at the door.

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Thanks so much for you kind words about my work.  I’ll admit to missing the FitzHenrys as well.  Thanks too for the compliment on the covers.  It took forever for Amber and me to figure them out.  I really love them too. Denise

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Mmmm. I love the flavour of cardamom in cakes and biscuits. It really brings out the buttery flavour. I have adapted the recipe further for UK ingredients and measurements on my blog.

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