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27. září 2015 v 9:00 |  Interviews
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by Vladimíra Procházková

Hi Martin, it's nice I can present you just now to readers of my Snooker blog. You are a well-know popular snooker player and Londoner. We are friends, too.

Tell me please, what had decisive influence that you became a snooker player?
I not really sure to be honest I have loved the game since I was very little. My dad loves it too but I am the only person in my family that plays snooker.

How old were you when you started playing snooker and where? Who was your model?
I was about 3yrs old when started playing snooker. I had small table in my living room. Stephen Hendry and Jimmy White where my favourite players at that time.

What do you consider to be your biggest success?
I've had a few good successful moments winning tournaments is always good. Winning the Shoot-out is high on my list and also being in the top 16 for over 1 year. Playing at the Crucible is also big success. Playing in the Masters as well as its my home tournament.

What's the best moment in your career?
Best moment in my career I don't think has happened yet. I still have plenty of time for it to happen. :)

How do you keep fit? Have you got a personal trainer? Who is it?
I keep fit by playing golf, I do a lot of walking as well. I don't go to the gym. lol

Where and how often do you have practice?
I practice 3/4 times a week and I do around 4hrs a day. I also do some work with my coach Stephen Feeney to make sure I'm ready for tournaments. I practice at Riley's in Watford its 15minutes from my house by train.

Do you have a routine before matches? Or good luck charm?
I don't think I have any routines before a match. I don't have any lucky charms either, not that I can remember. lol

The man touches bottom several times in his life. Who or what gives you the strength to go on?
Snooker is just a game although I don't like losing. I have good selection of friends and my family help me through any bad times I experience.

The snooker calendar is very busy, you have a lot of travelling. How do you relax?
When I'm not playing tournaments I like to relax on the golf course or at home. Snooker life is very busy but I do get time to relax which is important.

Sports develop. Where do you think snooker will be coming during the next three - five years?
Snooker is huge sport around the world we get to play in Australia China Thailand Germany etc etc so hopefully next will be Olympic Games.

What are your plans for the future? What else would you like to achieve?
Plans for the future to win tournaments as many as possible all the big tournaments I want to put my name on that trophy. :) I also like to get back into the top 8 of the world rankings.

What is your favourite place in London? Could you live anywhere else?
I've lived in London all my life so I think I would find it difficult to leave, unless I have a girlfriend from a different country and looked to get married 1day but otherwise I would never leave London. I don't really have favourite place apart from my own home everything in London is great.

Have you got a favourite quotation?
Favourite quotation I don't think I have 1 sorry. :D

Martin, thank you for our interview and I wish you all the best.

* * * * *
Martin Gould, 34, is a professional snooker player, who lives in London. He turned professional for the first time in the 2003-04 season. He is currently the World No. 25.

Martin's best achievements:
2002, 2007 English Amateur Championship, winner
2011 Power Snooker, winner
2012 UK PTC2, SWSA Gloucester, winner
2013 Shoot-Out, champion
2013 Championship League, winner
2015 Australian Open, finalist


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